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Concordia R-2 School District

Special Services


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Resources to Explore

There are many resources that provide helpful information regarding education and learning differences. This listing is not all-inclusive and is intended only to assist parents and patrons of the Concordia R-2 School District understand the education and services available within special services. The endorsement of agencies or resources, or lack thereof, is neither implicitly or explicitly implied.

Federal Information:

National Center for Learning Disabilities; Parent Resources: This parent guide was compiled by the National Center for Learning Disabilities to be a comprehensive guide to the rights and responsibilities of parents under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

United States Department of Labor Disability Resources: This resource provides information on Civil Rights, Benefits, Community Life, Education, and Employment for individuals with disabilities.

State Information:

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education; Parent Information Page: This is a resource provided by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to assist parents throughout their child's education. Resources are provided for early childhood education, reading support, special education information, general tips for school success, and information regarding paying for college.

Assistive Technology: This link provides information from the state of Missouri regarding Assistive Technology Programs.

Resources for Parents: Missouri's Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has compiled several resources for parents to help students progress academically.

First Steps: This is the state homepage for First Steps, which serves children birth to age 3 who have been diagnosed with delayed development or conditions associated with developmental disabilities.

Governor's Council on Disability: The Governor's Council on Disability works to educate and inform a variety of people and organizations regarding the rights and responsibilities offered to individuals under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Parent's Bill of Rights: Follow this link to access the Parents' Bill of Rights in your native language.

Parents' Rights Webinar: This YouTube video discusses the rights of students and families under IDEA.

Procedural Safeguards under IDEA (English): This document provides notice of and explanations for many of the procedures involved in Special Education. To view this document in Spanish, click here: Notificación sobre las garantías procesales


Organization Websites:

Understood: Understood provides resources for learning and attention issues. 

The Autism Society of America: This organization serves to advocate and provide resources for families and individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Children & Adults with ADHD: Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder provides resources and advocacy for individuals with ADHD.

I'm Determined: An organization that helps teach self-advocacy for young people. I'm Determined provides resources for goal setting, self-awareness, and behavior management.

Autism Speaks: This organization provides a variety of resources for individuals and families with autism. This link provides information about financial planning and resources for autism related services.

Habitica: A website for a free app used to "gamify" life to motivate and enable people to achieve their goals.

Community Resources:

ABLE National Resource Center: ABLE works with families to set up tax-advantaged savings accounts for individuals with disabilities and their families.

Easterseals provides intensive Applied Behavior Analysis and occupational and speech families for individuals with disabilities in our area.

Mental Health America of the Heartland provides resources to the community to support mental health needs.

The Whole Person offers a broad range of services to support people with disabilities and increase their independence.


Tilt: A parenting blog developed by to address the needs of neurologically atypical children.

Singing through the Rain: A blog developed by a mother to two special needs children. This specific article provides advice on locating local resources.

Elemy: an innovative, tech-forward provider of in-home and online applied behavior analysis to help children on the autism spectrum meet their unique needs provided the following free guides to support parents who have a child recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. They seek to educate parents and caretakers of neurodivergent children on all aspects of ASD, giving them a better understanding of what it means for their child, for their family, and how to move forward.

Parent's Guide

Resources and Help
Living Alone and Housing


Each of these podcasts were developed by parents of children with special needs and cover a wide range of topics helpful to every parent, but they offer particularly helpful insight into navigating parenting of exceptional children and working with the school to ensure student success.

ADHD Experts


Additionally, this article from Byte provides information about autism and oral hygiene.