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Concordia R-2 School District

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Concordia R-2 Gifted Program

We are excited to announce the addition of a Gifted & Talented Program for our Concordia R-2 district. This program will seek to provide opportunities and resources for students in our district who qualify.


How will the Gifted Program Benefit Students?

Our district’s philosophy focuses on helping every child learn and develop his or her individual potential.  For students who come to school with advanced knowledge and unusual learning capacity, we aim to provide a curriculum that is differentiated and matched to students' unique learning characteristics.  Those characteristics include the capacity to handle content at an advanced level and pace, the ability to explore areas in significant depth, the tendency to ask and struggle with difficult questions, and the desire to use leadership abilities to make a difference in the world.


Curriculum for gifted students is specifically designed to challenge academically advanced learners and provide experiences that require critical thinking, problem-solving, independent study skills, communication, and persistence in the face of challenges.  When engaged in high quality gifted services, students will develop their unique abilities, maintain their passion for learning, and have the opportunity to contribute to the strength and spirit of our schools, district, and community.


How Do Students Qualify for the Gifted Program?

Student must meet 2 out of 3 of the Evaluation Instruments listed below:

  • NWEA scores (90th percentile in 2 of the 3 subject areas)
  • Full-scale IQ score of 125 or higher (State IQ Requirement)
  • Team recommendation of need.


How Can Students Be Referred to the Gifted Program?

Parents, classroom teachers, or another school official can refer a student for placement in the gifted program.  Referral can occur any time during the school year.

Teachers in the gifted program will annually screen NWEA test scores to look for students who may be eligible for placement.

For more information about referral or to access the referral document at this time, please contact
Staci Hon (



We look forward to starting this program & providing advanced learning opportunities for our Gifted & Talented students in the Concordia R2 District.