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Social Studies Department



General Information:           Grading Scale:     
Courses: Social Studies   A+  100%
Instructor:  Mr. Michael Brown   A 93-99%
Year: 2016-2017   A- 90-92%
Tutoring: 1:05-1:40 p.m.   B+ 87-89%
Classroom:  #15   B 83-86%
Phone:  660-463-2246   B- 80-82%
E-mail: mbrown@concordia.k12.mo.us    C+ 77-79%
      C 73-76%
Materials:   Instructional Methods:    C- 70-72%
1. Textbook 1. Lectures/notes   D+ 67-69%
2. Notebook paper 2. Audiovisual materials/maps    D 63-66%
3. Pencil/pen 3. Reading guide worksheets    D- 60-62%
4. Folder 4. Research & writing papers    F 0-59%


1. No cell phones or electronic devices are to be used during class without instructor's permission

2. Students should use the restroom and water fountain between classes.

3. Students who are late to class must have a teacher’s note not to be counted tardy.

4. No food or drinks in the classroom. (clear-bottled water is allowed)



1. Notes with main ideas, key people, and terms will be given daily to students along with discussion and examples.

2. Students should narrow their studying primarily to their notes—as they will be the main focus on what is tested.

3. If a student is absent from class, it is the student’s responsibility to get notes missed from a classmate.

4. Students who fail to get notes missed from an absence are not excused from taking a scheduled test.



1. Chapter tests will be given bi-weekly to check the student’s comprehension of key information taught in class.

2. All tests (including the comprehensive finals) will consist of a combination of matching & multiple-choice questions.

3. A student absent on the day of a scheduled test will be expected to make-up the test the day they return to class.

4. Any student who fails a chapter test (59% or below) has the option of re-taking the test and replacing the original score.  All chapter test re-takes must be completed by the last day of the semester. No exceptions.



1. Chap. Tests     100 points per test     (approximately 8 per semester)
2. Final Exams   100 points each   (1 at the end of each semester)
3. Class notes   10 points each chap.       (approximately 8 per semester)
4. Daily work       10 points per assign.       (4 assignments or 40 points per chap.)              

Note:  Not all assignments are put in as grades.  Points for daily work and notes will be combined for a chapter.  Tests and combined daily assignments will be posted separately bi-weekly on the school’s “parent portal.”



1. Daily class work that is turned in late is worth half-credit.

2. No extra credit will be assigned.  Students whose performances in class are unsatisfactory should use their time to study and master the assigned class material.

3. No student should expect to do as well as they could if they do not read and study their notes.

4. Students who are not doing as well as they should are strongly encouraged to ask for tutoring assistance.

5. Students or parents who have questions or concerns are welcome to contact the instructor.