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Concordia R-2 School District



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2018-2018 High School Building Goals


Goal: Integrate technology where appropriate to facilitate participation of information sharing, collaboration, student engagement and assessment of learning.


  • Objective: Teachers will use Moby Max as a tool for assessing student learning, setting benchmarks and performing grade level assessments.  

  • Objective: Teachers will create and implement instructional and learning opportunities that apply best practices in teaching with technology integrated throughout.

  • Objective: Ongoing professional development programs and self-directed professional development opportunities will be provided that engage staff in the effective use of technology.



Goal: Concordia High School will have 91% of our students at school 90% of the time.


  • Objective: Students who are unaccounted for in the morning will be called by 8:30 by a member of the office staff.

  • Objective: Improve the attendance of our Junior and Senior students by 3% for the 2018-2019 school year.

  • Objective: Decrease the number of students who are on the chronic absentee (18 days or more absent) list from 8.5% (15 students) in 2017-2018 to 6% (12 students).


Student Achievement:

Goal: Increase the academic achievement of all students through effective instruction, a challenging and engaging curriculum, and aligned assessments that promote global learning perspectives, individualized learning and career and college ready.

  • Objective: Staff will complete a book study on “Ditch the Textbook” by Matt Miller.

  • Objective: Administration will use Indicator 1.2 (Student Engagement) as a part of the teacher evaluation process.

  • Objective: Continue to implement building-wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports.

  • Objective: Staff will be provided with training on formal assessment strategies for the classroom.

  • Objective: Continue to provide our students with opportunities to take courses that are academically rigorous and courses that end with students earning college credit.

School Climate:

Goal: Continue to foster an environment of positivity, where students feel safe to learn and be themselves.

  • Objective: CHS will continue to use Concordia Cash as a means recognizing students who are being respectful, responsible and being there best.

  • Objective: Staff at Concordia High School will greet each student every morning and be a positive support for our students.

  • Objective: CHS will use Trauma Informed practices to address the needs of those students who are suffering from trauma.

  • Objective: Administration will use Indicator 5.3b (Student-Teacher Relationships) as a part of the evaluation process of educators.


Goal: We will continue to increase community awareness of the positive happenings at Concordia High School.

  • Objective: CHS will continue to use Positive Office Referrals.

  • Objective: Principal will encourage teachers and staff to post happenings in their classroom on the school district webpage, social media account and community newspaper.

  • Objective: Increase the number of people following the school district’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  • Objective: Teachers will update grades on STI weekly.